releases, releasing, released
1) VERB: usu passive If a person or animal is released from somewhere where they have been locked up or looked after, they are set free or allowed to go.

[be V-ed from n] He was released from custody the next day...

[be V-ed from n] He is expected to be released from hospital today...

[be V-ed from n] Fifty-five foxes were released from a fur farm by animal rights activists...

[be V-ed] He was released on bail.

2) N-COUNT: with supp When someone is released, you refer to their release.

He called for the immediate release of all political prisoners.

...the secret negotiations necessary to secure hostage releases...

Serious complications have delayed his release from hospital.

3) VERB If someone or something releases you from a duty, task, or feeling, they free you from it. [FORMAL]

[V n from n] Divorce releases both the husband and wife from all marital obligations to each other...

[V n] This releases the teacher to work with individuals who are having extreme difficulty.

N-UNCOUNT: also a N, oft N from N
Release is also a noun.

Our therapeutic style offers release from stored tensions, traumas and grief... They look on life at college as a blessed release from the obligation to work.

4) VERB To release feelings or abilities means to allow them to be expressed.

[V n] Becoming your own person releases your creativity...

[V n] I personally don't want to release my anger on anyone else...

[V n] Humour is wonderful for releasing tension.

Release is also a noun.

She felt the sudden sweet release of her own tears.

5) VERB If someone in authority releases something such as a document or information, they make it available.

[V n] They're not releasing any more details yet...

[V-ed] Figures released yesterday show retail sales were down in March.

N-COUNT: with supp
Release is also a noun.

Action had been taken to speed up the release of cheques.

6) VERB If you release someone or something, you stop holding them. [FORMAL]

[V n] He stopped and faced her, releasing her wrist.

[V n] ...the twisting action before a bowler releases the ball.

let go
7) VERB If you release a device, you move it so that it stops holding something.

Wade released the hand brake and pulled away from the curb.

8) VERB If something releases gas, heat, or a substance, it causes it to leave its container or the substance that it was part of and enter the surrounding atmosphere or area.

[V n] ...a weapon which releases toxic nerve gas...

[V n] The contraction of muscles uses energy and releases heat...

[V n] The drug is surgically implanted into a woman's arm where it gradually releases the hormones into the body.

N-COUNT: with supp
Release is also a noun.

Under the agreement, releases of cancer-causing chemicals will be cut by about 80 per cent.

9) VERB When an entertainer or company releases a new record, video, or film, it becomes available so that people can buy it or see it.

[V n] He is releasing an album of love songs.

10) N-COUNT A new release is a new record, video, or film that has just become available for people to buy or see.

Of the new releases that are out there now, which do you think are really good?

11) N-UNCOUNT: on N If a film or video is on release or on general release, it is available for people to see in public cinemas or for people to buy.

The video has sold three million copies in its first three weeks on release.

12) See also , news release, press release

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